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Closet Organizing Tips & Tricks

I'm guessing there have been times where you get up in the morning, go to your closet, and say to yourself, “I have absolutely nothing to wear”.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

My goal as a professional organizer is to help you go from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, to feeling calm, at peace, and really excited about your closet.

Getting organized in your closet helps save you time, money, energy, and to get back a sense of control.


Step 1: Remove all non-clothing items

One general rule when we’re organizing our closet, especially If we’re doing a big overall or total closet reorganization, is first to remove everything that’s not clothing.


Some questions to ask yourself as you go through your closet

  1. Does this still fit me?

  2. Is this outdated, out of style, or no longer fitting my personal style?

  3. Did I wear this in the last six months or the last year? If you didn’t, the chances are you’re not going to wear it again.

  4. Does this make me happy when I look at it? Does it get you pumped to wear it or do you feel overwhelmed, disinterested, or just neutral about it?

  5. Is this ready to wear? Check to see if it needs mending, cleaning, or dry-cleaning first.



One of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways of giving your closet a streamlined and more cohesive look is to have matching hangers. Make sure they are the same kind of hanger, the same size, and the same colour.

Mismatched hangers of different materials, colours and sizes creates an overwhelm of information for your brain, especially first thing in the morning when you’re just waking up.

Energy changes when you have a cohesive look in your closet. Just this one small change can eliminate the feeling of overwhelm from the beginning and make a big impact.

I’m a big fan of velvet hangers, as the non-slip material prevent items from slipping, especially for looser, softer materials. The last thing you want is to find your favourite sweater on the floor.

Velvet hangers also come in lots of different sizes and colours, so you can really have fun and play it up.

Wood hangers

Wood hangers are a great option too. In general, they are stronger and better for hanging heavier items, like coats and jackets, and I would recommend using them in a hallway closet instead of your everyday closet.

It’s always a great idea to bring natural materials and elements into your closet whenever possible, and wood hangers are a great way to do that.

Also, you just can’t beat the sound of wood hangers make in a closet. Truly a gift to the ears.

Hangers to Avoid

Try and stay away from plastic “department store” hangers that come with clothing (especially children’s clothing). While these hangers work for that specific item, they're meant for store display only.

Wire hangers, like the ones you get from the dry cleaner, are the least supportive for your clothing, especially for heavier items, and can leave marks in the shoulders.

Rotate your Hangers

One great trick to see what you actually wear is to rotate your hangers.

At the end of the day, when you’re hanging your clothes back in the closet, rotate the hanger so it’s facing the other way.

At the end of the season or the end of the year, you’ll be able to see what you actually wore. If you haven’t worn it in that time frame, it’s likely you won’t wear it again, and it’s time to consider letting it go.


When to fold and when to hang? That is the question...

Shirts and Tops

I typically hang tops that I would wear to work or for going out, but fold my more casual t-shirts and tank-tops.


I hang most of my sweaters, and the velvet hangers make it easier to hold some of the more difficult knits. Sometimes hanging can stretch and cause damage to knits, so it’s best to fold in these scenarios.

Dresses & Skirts

I always hang my dresses and skirts. I like to arrange them by colour and function, so formal dresses are grouped separately from casual/summer dresses.

A great space-saving trick is to hang multiple skirts on one hanger. Just make sure not to put too many on one hanger, or else you’ll end up with indents which can be hard to get out.


I typically only hang my fancier dress pants and pants that are made from looser material, as these can be more awkward to fold.

A lot of people like to also hang jeans, but I find it takes up less space to fold them. I like to fold so the back pocket sits on top, and stack them so they go from darker wash to lighter wash. This is optional, but I think it gives a nice effect.



Bags, Clutches, Wallets, etc.

I recommend storing bags on the highest shelf, and arranging them by colour and size.

If possible, store the straps inside so they don’t hang down. If the straps can be removed, try rolling them up and storing them side. Always make sure to close your bag so nothing else gets in.

Smaller purses, clutches, and wallets can be hard to store because of their size and shape, so I recommend storing them in a basket or decorative box. That way they are contained, more organized, and accessible.


I like to roll these up, just like purse straps, and store these in a basket or in a drawer.


There are lots of options when storing scarves and wraps. I really like this scarf holder because it can hold up to 22 scarves, so it’s a great space saver!

There is also a lot of variety in these, so you can play around with colour and texture.



Baskets are great because they create boundaries and limits for stuff.

When choosing baskets, try to stick to natural materials, like wood, straw, and paper, rather than plastic.


Last, but not least, have fun!

Think of your closet not just as a place to store your clothes, but a special little room that is all yours.

Your closet, just like other parts of your home, can reflect your own personal style.

Add pictures, jewelry, perfume, mirrors, shelves, lighting – no matter how big or small, you can find ways to personalize and increased the overall vibe of your space and truly make it unique.


So there you have it – those are some of my tips and tricks on organizing your closet.

Good luck and have fun!

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